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  1. Graduate Researcher Student Enrolment Requirements

    As a graduate researcher do I have any additional enrolment/re-enrolment requirements?

  2. Returning to a research degree after absence

    I am returning from leave of absence, sick leave or maternity leave from my research degree. What must I do?

  3. Research Progress Reports

    Do graduate researchers have to complete research progress review forms?

  4. Thesis Writing Help
  5. Thesis Format

    How should I format my research thesis?

  6. Submitting your Thesis

    How/where do I submit my research thesis?

  7. Preparing Thesis Submission

    I am almost ready to submit my thesis. What should I do now?

  8. Cotutelle Program

    What is the Cotutelle program?

  9. Post-Thesis Submission

    I have submitted my research thesis for examination. Can I still use my University email account?

  10. Updating research supervisor details

    The details of my current supervisors are not up-to-date in my.unimelb. How can I update them?