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  1. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

    What is Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)?

  2. Religious Facilities

    What religious facilities are available at the University?

  3. Individual Counselling

    What Individual Counselling is available?

  4. Student Equity and Disability Support

    I need ongoing support with my studies. What do I do?

  5. Booking a Massage

    How do I get a Massage?

  6. Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying

    Who can I contact and where can I find information on discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying?

  7. University Health Service
  8. Emergency Counselling

    Where can I get emergency counselling?

  9. Book a free health check
  10. Prayer Groups

    What prayer groups are available?

  11. Melbourne University Sport scholarship support

    What support is provided through a Melbourne University Sport scholarship?

  12. Flexible Study Assistance for Elite Athletes and Performers

    I'm an elite athlete or performer. How do I request support for my studies?

  13. EyeCare Service
  14. Take me to the page for Childcare Services
  15. Children's Services

    What childcare services are available at the University?

  16. Flexible Study Assistance

    I'm a Defence Reservist or emergency volunteer. How do I request support for my studies?

  17. Elite Athlete Entry Scheme Eligibility

    What level of sport do I need to participate in to qualify for the Elite Athlete Entry Scheme (EAES)?

  18. Accessibility on campus

    Where can I find information on accessible study spaces?

  19. Alternative Exam Arrangements
  20. Elite Athlete Entry Scheme and Sport Scholarships

    Will I automatically be considered for a sport scholarship if I apply for the Elite Athlete Entry Scheme (EAES)?

  21. Parent/Breast Feeding Rooms

    Are there any parenting rooms on campus?

  22. Provisional Sports Scholarship Offers

    If I am offered a sport scholarship by Melbourne University Sport, will I automatically be offered entry into a degree at the University?

  23. Elite Athlete Program Obligations

    What are my obligations to the University in return for elite athlete support?

  24. Elite Athlete Entry Scheme Contact Details

    Who can I contact about my Elite Athlete Entry Scheme (EAES) application?

  25. Accessible formatting

    How can my subject materials be made accessible?

  26. Assistive technology

    What assistive technology and software is available on campus?