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  1. Scholarships - Bank Details

    How do I update my bank account and address details to receive scholarship payments?

  2. Scholarships - Payment Dates

    When can I expect my scholarship payment(s)?

  3. Scholarships - Income Tax

    Is my scholarship taxable?

  4. Scholarships - Leave of Absence

    I am receiving a scholarship. What will happen if I am granted leave of absence from my course?

  5. University student loans overview
  6. Scholarships
  7. Scholarships - Part Time Study

    Can I receive scholarship payments while enrolled as a part-time student?

  8. Scholarships - Concurrent scholarships or awards

    I have a graduate research scholarship. What happens if I receive another scholarship or award?

  9. Scholarships - Grades

    Do I need to maintain a particular grade to keep my scholarship?

  10. Scholarships - Centrelink

    Is my scholarship considered exempt income for Centrelink purposes? And how do I provide evidence of my scholarship to Centrelink?

  11. Evidence of Scholarship Statements

    How can I order an Evidence of Scholarship Statement?

  12. Financial Assistance