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Exchange application processing

How can I track the status of my exchange application?

Once you have submitted your exchange application, you will receive updates about your application status via your student email account and on the online application portal.

Status categories for applications are:

  1. Pending: The default status of the overseas study application. If you have completed all questions and have ticks in each of the corresponding boxes, you will receive an email confirming your application submission.  
  2. Approved by Melbourne (conditional): Your University of Melbourne overseas study application has been conditionally approved by Stop 1. You should receive an email from Stop 1 confirming your approval.
  3. Nominated: You have received an email detailing how to complete your host institution application form. If you have not received this email and your application status reads 'Nominated', please contact Stop 1 immediately. Remember to check your junk mail inbox.  
  4. Awaiting Response from Host Institution: You are awaiting official acceptance of your application by the host institution. The host institution will send through your acceptance/admission letter. Please provide this to the Global Learning team if you receive this yourself.
  5. Accepted Host Institution: Global Learning have received an host institution acceptance notification and a University of Melbourne acceptance letter has been issued to you. This can be accessed in the Documents tab of your exchange application portal.
  6. Committed: After receiving an automatic email from the application system, you will log in and commit to the exchange program.
  7. Extension of Exchange Approved: An extension of your exchange duration has been approved by your host institution and the University of Melbourne and an extension letter has been uploaded  to the Documents tab of your exchange application portal.

Other statuses to note:

  • Unsuccessful: Your application was not approved by Stop 1 to study overseas in the current round. You can apply again in a later round.
  • Withdrawn: You have withdrawn from the exchange program.

I applied for Exchange commencing Semester 1, 2025

 When Notification Details
Monday 8 July, 2024 You will be notified if you meet the eligibility requirements for the exchange program.
Monday 15 July, 2024 The latest date you can withdraw without conditions on future applications.
Friday 2 August, 2024 You will be notified which host institution you have been nominated for (recommended to attend as an exchange student).
August 2024 onwards

Once your host institution has accepted your nomination, you will receive instructions on how to apply directly to the institution as an official exchange student.

Please note: Students nominated to institutions with earlier deadlines (such as the University of California and the University of Michigan) will be contacted earlier in December.

  • Univeristy of California,
  • University of Michigan,
  • University of Washington,
  • University of Texas at Austin - Law Faculty,
  • Mcgill University - Public Health Faculty

What to do while your exchange application is being processed 

  • If your overseas study plan is under academic review, follow up with your Discipline Adviser to ensure it is processed in time.
  • Note that the last date to withdraw from the exchange program without conditions of future exchange applications is Monday 15 July, 2024.
  • Be aware of the rolling deadlines by destination for applications to be received by host institutions. Once your nomination is accepted by your host institution, you will be advised of your application due date via email. You will need to follow the instructions in the email to apply directly to the institution by this date.
 Destination Rolling deadlines for application to be received by host institutions
 UK & Ireland August–September
 Scandinavia August–September
 Singapore: August–September
 USA/Canada July–October
 Hong Kong: September
 Taiwan: September
 South Korea: August-September
 Japan: August-September
 China: September-October
 Continental Europe: August–September
 Latin America: August–September