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Receiving my graduation certificate via mail

Important update: due to the impact of COVID-19, some of the dates printed below may change. Please continue to refer back to this page for updated information.

I'm graduating. When will I receive my graduation certificate?

Your graduation certificate (also known as testamur, award or degree certificate, parchment, or scroll) will be sent to your preferred postal address after your graduation (conferral date). Please ensure your postal address is correct in my.unimelb. Testamurs can be sent to an overseas postal address.

 Graduation (conferral date)  Certificate sent
April  Mid-May
 July  Mid-September
 October  Late-October
 December  Late-January
On the day of your conferral, you will also receive free of charge access to a digital copy of your graduation certificate (testamur) via My eQuals. Your academic transcript and AHEGS will be available five business days after your graduation (conferral date). My eQuals will email you once the document is ready to use. You can read more on our About My eQuals page.

What if I do not receive my certificate in the expected time-frame?

Please contact Stop 1 if you don't receive your certificate. If your certificate was unable to be delivered and has been returned to the University, you will need to contact us to have it sent again.

Can I or someone else pick up my certificate instead?

No, we are currently unable to offer an option for you to collect your certificate (testamur) in person.

Can I get a replacement certificate?

See Academic transcripts and statements for information about replacements.