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Enrolment Declaration

What is the 'Enrolment Declaration'?

The Enrolment Declaration is a contract between you, the student, and the University. It outlines the terms and conditions of being an enrolled student at the University of Melbourne.

You are required to submit an Enrolment Declaration (accept the terms and conditions of enrolment) online as part of your initial enrolment for each new course you enrol into, and each year that you re-enrol for your course.

You should read the Enrolment Declaration carefully in full prior to submitting it online.

What does an Enrolment Declaration say?

Can I view my previous Enrolment Declarations?

Yes, you can view your Agreement History on the Terms and Conditions Agreement History page in my.unimelb.

When do I need to submit an Enrolment Declaration?

You submit an Enrolment Declaration when:

  • You enrol into a new course, (via Get started). The Enrolment Declaration is a part of the administrative enrolment steps for your course.
  • You re-enrol for your course each subsequent year. When you re-enrol via your Study Plan, you are prompted to accept the terms and conditions of enrolment for the upcoming year, before you can enrol in subjects.
  • For Graduate Researchers - when you submit a progress report or 'convert' your course to another research degree.

Useful to know

Once you have submitted an enrolment declaration for the year you will not be prompted to submit it again until the following year during the University's re-enrolment period; or if you are a graduate researcher, when your next progress report is due.

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