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Course withdrawal and re-admission

If I withdraw from my course, how can I resume it later on?

Once you have withdrawn from your degree (course), you can apply for reinstatement if it is within the same half year period as you withdrew. If applying in a later half year period, you will need to re-apply for admission, however re-admission is not guaranteed.

If your enrolment was cancelled due to failure to re-enrol or incomplete enrolment, and it is within the end of the half year period in which your enrolment was cancelled; you can apply for reinstatement. If you elected to withdraw yourself, or it is outside the half year period in which your enrolment was cancelled you need to apply for re-admission.

Undergraduate Students

If you have previously withdrawn before completing a course at the University, you can choose to reapply for that course. Re-selection into your course is not guaranteed. Selection is based upon academic merit, taking into account:

  • previous performance when you were last enrolled in the course
  • all study undertaken since your last enrolment in the course
  • the amount of time that has elapsed since your last enrolment.

If you do withdraw (discontinue) from your course you need to be aware that:

  • courses and subject requirements may have changed
  • the structure of the course may be different
  • you may not be eligible for credit for subjects you completed in your previous enrolment
  • your original course may no longer be offered by the University and you may need to apply for a related alternative program
  • different tuition fees may apply

If you are thinking about withdrawing from your course, you should discuss your options, including potential options for resuming study, by contacting Stop 1.

How do I apply for re-admission?

Applying for re-admission is the same process as applying for a new course.

Applications for re-admission to a non-honours bachelor degree are made through VTAC for domestic students and directly to the University for international students. All honours applicants must apply online directly to the University.

Graduate Coursework and Honours Students

You will require the support of the relevant Course Coordinator to be considered for re-admission to your course.

Your application to resume your course may be considered favourably by your faculty/school where you:

  • Had a good academic standard (H2B or better), and
  • Have reapplied within 5 years of your last enrolment in your graduate/graduate diploma, or honours course, or
  • Have reapplied within 10 years for all Economics and Commerce graduate coursework courses, or
  • Have reapplied within 3 years for a research or coursework masters course.

Please note:

  • If you resume your course and its structure has changed since you were last enrolled you will be required to meet the requirements of the new course structure.
  • In some cases, a course may no longer be offered by the University, in which case you may apply for a related course.
  • Limitations on the granting of credit apply to readmitted students.

If your academic record is not sufficient for your re-admission you may be asked to undertake some additional tertiary study (eg through the Community Access Program) in order to demonstrate your academic merit.

Graduate Researchers

If you had already commenced work on your thesis you may be required to re-commence with a new thesis topic or to enter a different award. For example, if you were a research masters student resuming more than five years after cancellation, you may be offered a coursework masters instead.

Very late applications for re-admission

If your application to resume your course is outside the above deadlines it will not be approved for short programs (ie those of one year full-time or less), and is rarely approved for any program unless the expected final completion date is within the maximum time allowed to complete the course.