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Forwarding Student Email

Can I forward email from my Student University account to my personal account?

Yes. Refer to this Google support page for more information on forwarding emails to another account, or the Student IT Google Apps FAQ.

Mail forwarding is a recommended way to access student email if you are located in a region where Gmail is not accessible.  

Please note the following important information about forwarding your University email:

  1. Arrangement for University student emails to be forwarded to other accounts is at students’ own risk,
  2. Non-receipt of emails sent by the university to their UoM student email account is not considered to be a valid reason for failure to take any required action regarding their enrolment and/or fees,
  3. Students are still responsible for checking their UoM student email account regularly, as stated in the Enrolment Declaration which students are required to agree to each year.
  4. Any forwarding arrangements from your student Gmail account will cease up to 12 months after your complete your course, when your Google Account is permanently deleted.

If you are not receiving any emails and you have not forwarded your email to another account, try refreshing the page by clicking 'refresh' or 'reload' on your browser window or changing the browser you are using.

For further assistance, you may wish to visit Student IT.

Please ensure that any email that you send to the University of Melbourne or its staff is sent from your official University account, as this will allow the University to access your student profile in responding to your enquiry or request.