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Post-Nominals/Personal Title

What will the letters be after my name once I've graduated (post-nominals), and when can I use them (and the title Doctor)?

You can add post-nominals once you have graduated (attended a ceremony or graduated) and have been awarded your graduation certification. 

You can search for your course post-nominal using the post-nominals list.

Use the following format to show that your degree is from the University of Melbourne.


  • A. Student, BA Melb
  • A. Student, PhD Melb or A. Student, PhD Melb

Graduates with more than one degree from the University can list each qualification separated by a comma and grouped by award level.


  • A. Student, BCom, BSc Melb
  • A. Student, BA, BCom, MTeach Melb
  • A. Student, BA, BCom, PGDipArts, MTeach Melb

If you have qualifications from another institution, you can group them in award level by institution:

  • Dr A. Student, BA, DipEd Monash, MA, PhD Melb

For more information, visit the policy outlining award nomenclature and abbreviations.