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Certified Copy

What is a certified copy?

A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document (in this case a University of Melbourne official academic record such as a testamur or academic transcript) that has been endorsed as a true copy of that document. It does not certify that the original document is genuine, only that it is a true copy of the original. You can find a list of of people authorised to certify copies of original documents on the Justice webpage under the 'List of people authorised to certify copies of original documents' section.

Copies of documents that are submitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for the Apostille must be certified first by an Australian Notary Public Layer and an authorised signatory of the University.

Please note that a Notary Public Lawyer is not the same as a Justice of the Peace (JP). More information may be accessed at the Australian Notaries Public website.