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Zoom video link appointments

How do I set up my Stop 1 Zoom virtual appointments?

1. If this is your first time you will need to get the software

Go to the Zoom download centre and select 'Zoom Client for Meetings'.

Follow the installation prompts specific to your operating system (you do not need admin access to install).

2. Set up your audio and video preferences

If you are a first time user you will receive a pop-up that allows you to test and set up your audio preferences or join the appointment by using your computer's audio by default. It is recommended that you first set up your audio and video options. Please note that your audio and video preferences are saved for future use of Zoom, so you don't need to set up every time.

  1. In the pop-up box, click Test Computer Audio. This displays the Audio options within the Settings dialog box. It is recommended that you use a headset (a headphone with an attached microphone). This will help reduce background noise and ensure good audio quality when you speak. When you join a meeting, Zoom automatically identifies the speaker you are using-in-built speakers, a headphone or an attached speaker. Similarly, it identifies the microphone you are using, i.e. a doc mic, a jack mic, or your computer's integrated microphone (microphone array).
  2. In the Settings dialog box, on the Test Computer Audio page, click Test Speaker. Check you can hear the test sound and the volume of the sound is at a desired level. Move the slider to increase or decrease the volume. If you can't hear the audio, select a different speaker from the list and test again.
  3. Next, click Test Mic and speak into your microphone. Your voice will be recorded. You will notice that when you click Test Mic, the option changes to Recording. Click Recording. This will play your recorded voice. Confirm that you can hear your voice and it is clear. Use the slider to set the volume for your microphone. You will notice that the options to automatically join audio by computer and mute microphone when joining a meeting are selected by default. It is recommended that you keep these settings as is.
  4. Next, if you are using an external webcam or a laptop with an integrated webcam, set up your video options. In the Settings dialog box, on the left menu, click Video. You should be able to see yourself in the window. If not, confirm that the correct webcam is selected. Click the down arrow for Camera and then, from the list, select your webcam. If the correct webcam is selected for the Camera option, and you are still unable to view your image, click trouble shooting and follow the suggestions available.
  5. Finally, close the Settings dialog box. Click the cross sign in the top-right corner of the Settings dialog box to do so.

3. Join your appointment

As part of booking your virtual appointment with Stop 1, an invitation will be sent to your student email.

Click the URL link in the email to join your appointment