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University notifications

How to I stay informed about important updates, news and events while I'm studying?

To ensure you keep informed throughout your studies:
  1. Check your student email regularly (at least twice per week). Email is the main way the University will contact you about your enrolment, fees, classes, graduation and other important information.
  2. Read notices and announcements in my.unimelb (at least twice per week). Notices are used by the University to share official updates. University affiliates such as clubs and societies also use notices to share news, events and opportunities.
  3. Bookmark students.unimelb and ask.unimelb. Students.unimelb is your central source of information about study-related topics such as enrolment, exams, student services, study overseas, and more. Ask.unimelb is a database of over 600 FAQs to help answer common questions you may have.
  4. Follow us Stop 1 Facebook and Stop 1 Twitter to keep informed of key dates, events and connect with student services.
  5. Keep an eye out for SMS notifications on your mobile phone. The University uses SMS messages to remind you of approaching deadlines and timely actions you need take such as re-enrolling and paying fees.
  6. Remember to update your contact details so that you don't miss any notifications.