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Student Financial Assessment Form

How do I complete the Student Financial Assessment Form?

Many bursaries or grants available to students who experience financial difficulties, require you to complete the online Student Financial Assessment Form.

This online form asks you to provide information about your personal circumstances and financial position.

  1. Enter student username and password. Only currently enrolled students will be able to submit an application.
  2. If you already have submitted an application in the six months prior to the closing date, you do not need to apply again. However, if you have previously submitted an application and need to update your information, you can simply overwrite any fields that need updating with current information and re-submit your application.
  3. Click all relevant boxes pertaining to ‘Your personal details’.
  4. Enter amounts in all relevant boxes firstly pertaining to “Predication of year's net income (after tax)”, then secondly “Expenditure”. Please also select the frequency of each of these payments from the drop-down box provided. If you have disclosed some loan repayments, please ensure that you include the outstanding loan amount in “My liabilities”.

“Entertainment spending” should include dinners out and take-away dinners – these should not be included in “Food”.

If your circumstances will be significantly changed within a short period after the application closing date, then please estimate your income/expenditure of your new circumstances and enter in the form.

  1. If you are 21 or under, you will be asked to supply your parents’ income. The income of your parents has no impact on the assessment, however if you receive an allowance from your parents, you should declare this in the “Parental allowance” box.
  2. Do not include HECS or HELP debts in “My liabilities” unless you are currently making repayments on these.

If you have any circumstances that you need to explain, or you have indicated a medical condition or disability earlier in your application, use the “Financial Impact Statement” section to give information about this.

There is no requirement (and therefore no facility) to upload supporting documentation to the form. If further information is required to substantiate income/expenditure, you will be contacted separately to supply this.

You can complete and submit a form at any stage throughout the duration of a scholarship opening period. In all instances, you will receive an email acknowledgement upon successful submission of your application.

Please refer to the University’s website for individual scholarship details on information regarding applications and outcomes.