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Unsatisfactory Progress (USP) Sanction

What is an Unsatisfactory Progress (USP) Sanction?

If you fail a subject or subjects a USP sanction may be placed on your student record indicating you have made Unsatisfactory Progress. Unsatisfactory Progress is not a disciplinary measure, but a mechanism to help you keep on track to complete your degree.

If you have a USP sanction, your Study Plan will be temporarily locked to prevent further amendments to it and the following message will display on your my.unimelb home page:

"Your academic progress is of concern. You are unable to enrol or amend your enrolment until this matter is resolved. Continue to check your student email account as you will receive correspondence from the University regarding what action you need to take".

How to remove a USP Sanction

The sanction will be removed depending on your circumstances:
  • If you are deemed to be At Risk the sanction should be lifted from your student account within 24 hours of it being enacted and you will be able to amend your enrolment as normal.
  • If you are deemed to be Unsatisfactory the sanction will remain on your account and will not be removed until you receive an outcome from your Course Academic Progress Committee (CAPC) meeting. Students receive an outcome within three business days of their CAPC meeting.

Your sanction should be lifted three business days after the last CAPC committee. Should a sanction remain on your student account after this date please contact Stop 1.

Re-enrolment implications

If you receive a USP sanction during the re-enrolment period, the standard re-enrolment and cancellation deadlines will not apply to you. You should wait until you receive an outcome from your Course Academic Progress Committee (CAPC) meeting and then complete your re-enrolment for the next study period as soon as possible after this (at least one month before the next study period begins).