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Renewing Library Items via my.unimelb

How do I renew library items via my.unimelb?

  1. Log into my.unimelb and click on the Library tab.
  2. Sort items your items using the arrows at the top right corner of the your On Loan list, so that those due first appear at the top.

    Screenshot of My borrowing under Library Tab indicating how to sort items by due date
  3. Tick the items you want to renew and then click the 'Renew selected items' button.

    Screenshot of My borrowing highlighting the location of the Renew selected items button on the bottom right of screen

    A message with then appear on the screen, to confirm that the items have been renewed.

    Screenshot showing confirmation message after renewing item reads
  4. To see the new due date for the renewed item, either scroll down to the bottom of the On Loan list, or sort the list in reverse order so that the items due last display at the top.

    Screenshot showing how to use the sort arrows in the top right corner of the On Loan items section to sort descending

Unable to Renew Item

If one of your items cannot be renewed, an error message will appear on the screen. Possible reasons why an item may not be renewed include:

  • it is too soon to renew the item
  • you are blocked because one of your loan items is overdue
  • you have a library fine due for payment
  • the item is not a renewable item

If you require further assistance to renew a library item, please contact Stop 1 or use the Ask a Librarian chat service, available on the University Library homepage.