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Subject Experience Survey (SES)

What is the Subject Experience Survey?

General details

The Subject Experience Survey (SES) for each subject takes about five minutes to complete, and is designed to allow you to provide meaningful feedback about each subject you take at the University of Melbourne.

The SES opens towards the end of each subject's teaching period; for the majority of subjects, this means in May (for Semester 1 subjects) and October (for Semester 2 subjects) each year.

Feedback is completely anonymous to teaching staff and departments, and the only information the system retains is to determine who has not yet responded to the survey (this is used to send students reminders).

How will I know when the SES is happening?

Students are usually alerted to the SES by emails from their faculty, being informed in-class by lecturers and tutors, and messages on the my.unimelb Student Noticeboard. You can also log in to the Survey Tool at any time to see which surveys are open to you.

Is completing the SES compulsory?

Although not compulsory, completing the SES helps the University and lecturers review subjects and make improvements, with the aim of improving overall course and subject quality.

Students who complete the SES will go into the running to win cash prizes. Full terms and conditions can be found here. For more information, visit the SES website.