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Scholarships - Part Time Study

Can I receive scholarship payments while enrolled as a part-time student?

If you enrol on a part time basis there are a few prestigous scholarships that may be suspended, however most scholarships allow fortnightly stipend payments to continue provided you lodge a request indicating compassionate or compelling reasons for your part time study load (documents required for approval). You can lodge this request via your student portal.

You are able to receive lump sum payments as a part time enrolled student without providing compassionate or compelling reasons.

According to tax legislation, only scholarship payments to full-time students are exempt from income tax.  If approval is given to continue as a part time student the University may need to withhold income tax from your payment. 

You may be able to claim some or all of the income tax you have paid as part of your Tax Return after you receive a PAYG Summary Statement.  Advice on your tax can be sought from a financial advisor or through the Tax Help Program

If you are enrolled as a part-time student and change your enrolment to that of a full-time student, your scholarship payments will be paid at a full-time student rate.

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