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Scholarships - Bank Details

How do I update my bank account and address details to receive scholarship payments?

Note: If you are offered a fee remission only scholarship, you do not need to provide your bank details to the University.

To receive scholarship payments, you must have an Australian bank account and a local contact address. It is important that you provide this information to University before commencement of your scholarship. International students may need to wait until they have arrived in Australia.

Check or update your bank details:

  1. Visit the Payment Details page on my.unimelb.
  2. Click on ‘Update’ and enter your bank details as follows:
    • Payment Method: ‘Electronic Funds Transfer’
    • Payee Name: i.e. Name on account
    • Bank Name (i.e. National Bank)
    • Bank Code: select ‘BSB’ - must be 6 digits with no space, dash or hyphen
    • Bank Account Number: - must be no more than 9 digits with no letters, space, dash or hyphen
  3. Click ‘Save’

Also check or update your address details. The name of your suburb and state must be in uppercase and in the correct format:

  • e.g. PRESTON (uppercase) (not Preston)
  • e.g. VIC (uppercase) (not Vic or Victoria)

You can use Australia Post's postcode search to check your suburb.