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Scholarships - Payment Dates

When can I expect my scholarship payment(s)?

Benefits of scholarships administered by Melbourne Scholarships are paid according to the University's fortnightly salary pay cycle (see below).

Payments can only be made after you have

  • accepted your scholarship offer,
  • enrolled in the course or subject for which the scholarship was awarded,
  • updated your address and bank details.

The benefits of your scholarship are listed in your scholarship offer or the terms and conditions that apply to your scholarship. See: Manage my scholarship

Fortnightly stipends

The authorisation and processing of payments may take up to 4 weeks after you accept your scholarship offer or the scholarship start date. If the first payment is made after the scholarship start date, Scholarships and Bursaries will make a retrospective payment so that you will receive the benefits to which you are entitled. If you require financial assistance before you receive your payment, you may wish to contact Student Financial Aid to make an appointment.

Following your first payment, stipend payments are then made on the University's Fortnightly pay dates (see below).

One off and half-yearly allowances

Payment of one off and half-yearly allowances are usually made no earlier than the second fortnightly pay day after the main Semester 1 and Semester 2 census dates (highlighted below).

Global mobility scholarships for exchange or study abroad are usually paid within 3 weeks on a fortnightly pay day after you have notified Melbourne Scholarships that you have enrolled in your University of Melbourne Exchange or Study Abroad subject.

Why did I not receive my payment or only part of my usual payment?

Scholarship payments may be delayed for the following reasons:

  • You have yet to provide your bank details via the my.unimelb (student portal) or there was an error in the bank details that you entered. In both cases, the University is unable to make payments. For further information, see: Scholarships - Bank Details
  • You are yet to enrol in the course or subject for which the scholarship was offered.
  • You are not enrolled in a full-time study load.

If you are research student receiving a fortnightly stipend, your payments may be reduced or (temporarily) stopped for the following reasons:

  • Your scholarship has finished.
  • You have applied for leave of absence but have consumed most (or all) of your paid leave entitlements or have not provided a medical certificate or other supporting documents. We will contact you to provide additional documents if needed.
  • You have applied for leave of absence for reasons other than compassionate or non-compelling circumstances.
  • You have returned from leave for absence, but yet to submit a Return from Leave form. Usually your scholarship payments will resume on the first or second pay day after your Return from Leave form has been approved (see below cut-off and payment dates)
  • You have applied for a change of study rate, but the form was not approved by the cut-off date (see below cut-off and payment dates)

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