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Evidence of Qualification

What is Evidence of Qualification?

If you need to provide proof of your University of Melbourne qualification, then 'Evidence of qualification' can be obtained by:

  • Using the free online Verification of Qualification service. This is a public service that allows students, alumni and third parties to find out the name(s) of the qualification(s), and the year(s) that they were conferred for any requested student. Please note this service only shows courses that have been conferred.
  • Obtaining an Evidence of Qualification letter
  • Referring to the academic transcript (lists all courses completed), or the AHEGS or testamur (a separate AHEGS and testamur is issued for each course that has been completed).

What is an Evidence of Qualification letter?

The Evidence of Qualification letter is an official University statement that organisations may need to verify your University of Melbourne qualification. It includes:

  • Your family name, given name and any other given names
  • Your Student ID number
  • Your date of birth
  • The course(s) you were enrolled in at the University
  • The date(s) you commenced the course at the University
  • Your course completion date
  • The conferring (graduation) date if you have graduated
  • Your status as a full or part-course student
  • The language of instruction was English
  • The location of the campus where you studied
  • Signature of an authorised delegate of the Academic Registrar
  • Additional information can be included on request

Note: Courses that a student has completed are listed on their academic transcript. The testamur and AHEGS (issued once a student has graduated) also lists what degree has been completed.

How to order and timeframes

You can download a free digital Evidence of Qualification via my.unimelb, once you have completed a course.

You may need to purchase an Evidence of Qualification via eCommerce if any of the following apply:

  • You are not a recent student
  • You require additional information to be included in the letter
  • You have transferred between courses and want a single letter to explain all
  • You require a certified digital copy (to be uploaded onto My eQuals)
  • You require an original hardcopy document


Evidence of Qualification letters ordered via my.unimelb can be downloaded in minutes (provided that the course has been completed is on our student database).

Evidence of Qualification letters purchased via eCommerce are manually prepared and can take up to 10 working days to prepare (not including delivery times). Current timeframes are published on eCommerce.

Multiple degrees

If you have completed more than one degree at the University and you are ordering an Evidence of Qualification via eCommerce, you do not need to order separate Evidence of Qualification letters for each degree. These Evidence of Qualification Letters list all the degrees you have been awarded in chronological order of study.

The free digital Evidence of Qualification letters ordered via my.unimelb are course-specific, with one letter for each qualification awarded.