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Account Activation Difficulties

What should I do if I am having difficulties with the Account Management page?

One of the first steps you need to complete after accepting a course offer at the University of Melbourne is to activate your University account, through the Account Management page. Please remember to keep a record of your username and password when completing this step, as you will need these details to access key student functions such as my.unimelb and your student email account. Further instructions for Student Login can be found on the right-hand side of the page.

When entering your details onto the Student Login screen, please be aware that in English-speaking countries, all given names are written first, followed by the family name.

'Verification failure'

If you receive a 'verification failure' message, it may be because the details that you have entered into the Student Login page do not match the information listed in your student profile. Your student file is usually based on the details supplied in your course application. In order to get the information you need to create your account, please contact Stop 1.

New Course Offers

You may receive an error message if you try to activate your online account on the same day you receive a course offer. If this occurs, please wait two hours after receiving an offer before activating your account and accepting your offer.

Visit the Account Management page