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Graduate Researcher Student Enrolment Requirements

As a graduate researcher do I have any additional enrolment/re-enrolment requirements?

Enrolment - for new students

Graduate researchers will be provided with a 'letter of offer', including directions for accepting your offer and enrolling online. The steps you need to complete are outlined on Get Started at Melbourne.

Once you have accepted your offer and completed the administrative aspects of your enrolment online, you should then discuss with your supervisor(s):

Following this discussion with your supervisor, you should then contact your Graduate Researcher contact in your Graduate School to:

  • advise of your commencement date (as approved by your supervisor(s)); and
  • request enrolment in any required coursework and thesis research subjects, as approved by your supervisor(s). They will then finalise your enrolment for you.

Enrolment - for transferring students

If you are transferring from a Masters to a Doctorate, or vice versa, you will be regarded as enrolling in a new course. Transferring graduate researchers will receive an offer letter and an administrator will finalise your enrolment on your behalf.

Re-enrolment - for continuing students

Please refer to the Graduate Researcher Hub for graduate researcher re-enrolment information