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Cotutelle Program

What is the Cotutelle program?

The Cotutelle program allows approved PhD students to be supervised jointly by academics from The University of Melbourne and a nominated French university.  A Cotutelle agreement sets out in detail the terms and conditions of candidature. The agreement would give approval to be enrolled concurrently in two institutions, spending at least 30% of the total maximum time limit (or one year) in each university.  

The Cotutelle program takes place under a reciprocal agreement that needs to be drawn up between the two institutions, setting out in detail the terms and conditions for joint supervision and examination. Fees are only paid at one institution.  

If successful, you would be awarded a doctoral degree jointly-badged by the two institutions, and stating that the award was made as a consequence of a Cotutelle agreement with the partner institution. 

The objective of the Cotutelle program is to strengthen collaborative links between French and Australian research teams via the joint supervision of PhD students.