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LMS - Subject Display Issues

Why is my LMS subject listing wrong?

If your subject list in the Learning Management System (LMS) doesn't seem correct, please refer to the following table for suggestions on how to resolve the issue:

Issue Solution
Subject is not listed in the LMS / my.unimelb
  • Your enrolment may not yet be complete. In peak times, it may take several days for subject enrolments to be processed and feed through to the LMS.
  • You may have outstanding library fines or unpaid course fees. To view these on your Statement of Liability, visit the Fee Information page in my.unimelb.
  • The subject may not yet have been created in the LMS. Please check with your subject coordinator.
Future subject is listed in the LMS but shown as "not currently available" The subject coordinator may have made a future subject unavailable to students while editing content. If the subject is not available by the start of the semester, please notify your subject coordinator.
Previous subject is listed in the LMS but shown as "not currently available" Previous subjects are made unavailable to students around the beginning of the subsequent semester. If you prefer not to see these subjects listed, click the cog/gear symbol in the top right of the "My Subjects" module in the LMS and you can hide these subjects.
Note: This is only recommended for past subjects, not future subjects, because they will remain hidden from you even if made subsequently available to other students.
Previous subject is still listed in the LMS In some cases, teaching staff may have chosen to make a previous subject available again for students to access. If you believe there is an error, please contact your subject coordinator from the previous subject.
Incorrect subject is listed in the LMS / my.unimelb

Please check the accuracy of your enrolment in the Study Plans page in my.unimelb. If you need assistance changing a subject, see the Managing your enrolment online page for more information.


Finding your subject coordinator
ome of the options above suggest contacting a subject coordinator. In order to look up the details of your subject coordinator, locate the subject in the University of Melbourne's Handbook and click on the Contact Information tab.