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Style guides and presentations

Where can I get style guides and advice on presentation, referencing and citation?

Expectations about formatting and citation can vary markedly across Faculties and disciplines/areas of study. Most Faculties, Schools and Departments produce Essay Writing / Citation Guidelines to planning, researching, drafting and presenting work. These will advise you of the expected style/presentation, citation and referencing requirements for acknowledging the words and ideas of others.

Check your subject information for advice about how to present your work, or ask your subject coordinator, lecturer or tutor. 

Almost all teaching departments ask for written work which is:

  • typed
  • single-sided
  • double-spaced
  • with wide margins of 2cm and the left margin 4cm
  • all stapled together

You may be asked to provide two copies of longer assignments and essays.

In the absence of a Teaching Department style guide, you are expected to use the Harvard system.

WARNING: some cases of plagiarism result from clumsy citation, rather than a real attempt to use another's work inappropriately.

The University has strict rules about plagiarism and provides guidelines designed to help you avoid accidental plagiarism.