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Careers and employability

Where can I access careers and employability resources?

The careers and employability website has resources to develop your skills and experience while you study.

Get information on gaining experience relevant to your course, and entering and understanding the job market.

Jobs and opportunities

The jobs and opportunities web page has information on:

  • Internships, work experience and mentoring
  • Networking and social media
  • International student pathways
  • Approaching the job market
  • Professional and graduate work
  • Part time and casual work
  • Self-employment
  • Work on campus with the Students@Work program

Careers Online is a job notice board that lists current opportunities exclusive to University of Melbourne students, graduates and staff. Advertised jobs include:

  • Full-time, part-time and casual work
  • Voluntary opportunities
  • Graduate positions
  • International opportunities

Careers Online also lists upcoming employer information sessions, careers fairs, employability workshops - and more! Careers fairs typically run in March.

Note: Recent graduates will be able to access Careers Online for up to 12 months following the completion of studies.

Workshops and drop ins

A range of careers and employability workshops and drop ins are delivered at Stop 1 including resume and cover letter reviews.

Browse upcoming workshops and sessions.


EmployMe has tools, resources and videos to build your skills in job seeking, resume writing, interview performance, on-the-job development and more.

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