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Special Consideration Outcome

What are the possible outcomes of my Special Consideration application?

If your application is successful, the University might consider the following options for you:

I've applied for Special Consideration. When will I hear back?

You will get a response to your student email account: 

  • within 5 business days of receiving your application and all of your supporting documents, or
  • within 5 business days of the subject results release date for final assessment examinations.

I've been offered a Special assessment. What are my options?

If you are granted a Special assessment (e.g. Special exam) as a result of your application for Special Consideration, you have the option to reattend or resubmit your assessment. If you decline, you will be awarded a mark based on your original assessment attempt.

My Special Consideration application was not successful. What can I do?

You will receive an email via your University email account explaining why your application was not successful and provide instructions on how to request a review if you want to appeal the decision.

If you are not successful in your review and you decide not to sit your exam or submit your assessment, you will receive a fail grade.